Faculty Memberships and Awards

Chalkboard with Equations


  • Jodi Nunnari, professor (MCB) – 2017
  • Harris Lewin, Vice Chancellor for Research, professor (EVE) – 2012
  • Johanna Schmitt, professor (EVE) - 2008
  • Stephen Kowalczykowski, distinguished professor (MMG) – 2007
  • The late Roy Doi, distinguished professor emeritus (MCB) – 2006
  • Deborah Delmer, professor emeritus (PLB) – 2004
  • The late Edward J. Jones, distinguished professor emeritus/director (Center for Neuroscience) – 2004
  • J. Clark Lagarias, professor (MCB) – 2001
  • The late Eric E. Conn, professor emeritus (MCB) – 1988
  • John Roth, distinguished professor (MMG) – 1988
  • Thomas W. Schoener, distinguished professor (EVE) – 1984
  • The late Melvin M. Green, professor emeritus (MCB) – 1980
  • Emanuel Q. Epstein, professor emeritus (PLB) – 1978
  • The late Paul K. Stumpf, professor emeritus (MCB) – 1978
  • The late G. Ledyard Stebbins, professor emeritus (Genetics) – 1952

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

体彩大乐透-足球直播Since its founding in 1780, the American Academy has served the nation as a champion of scholarship, civil dialogue, and useful knowledge. As one of the nation’s oldest learned societies and independent policy research centers, the Academy convenes leaders from the academic, business, and government sectors to address critical challenges facing our global society. For more information, .


  • Sharon Strauss, professor (EVE) – 2015
  • Peter Wainwright, professor (EVE) – 2015
  • John Wingfield, professor (NPB) – 2014
  • Maureen Stanton, professor (EVE) – 2012
  • Johanna Schmitt, professor (EVE) – 2010
  • Charles Langley, distinguished professor (EVE) – 2007
  • Stephen Kowalczykowski, distinguished professor (MMG) – 2005
  • Michael Turelli, professor (EVE) – 2005
  • Thomas W. Schoener, distinguished professor (EVE) – 1991
  • The late Peter R. Marler, professor emeritus (NPB) – 1970

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows

Election as a Fellow of AAAS is an honor bestowed upon members by their peers. Fellows are recognized for meritorious efforts to advance science or its applications. For more information, .


  • Frederick T. Addicott, professor emeritus (PLB)
  • Sean Burgess, professor (MCB)
  • Judy Callis, professor (MCB)
  • Leo M. Chalupa, distinguished professor and chair (NPB)
  • Ernest S. Chang, professor (NPB)
  • Peter Chesson, professor emeritus (EVE)
  • Luca Comai, professor (PLB)
  • James S. Clegg, professor emeritus (MCB)
  • John H. Crowe, professor emeritus (MCB)
  • Michael Dahmus, distinguished professor emeritus and former chair (MCB)
  • Katayoon "Katie" Dehesh, professor (PLB)
  • Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar, professor (PLB) 
  • Roy H. Doi, distinguished professor emeritus (MCB)
  • Emanuel Q. Epstein, professor emeritus (PLB)
  • Carol Erickson, professor (MCB)
  • Charles Gasser, professor (MCB)
  • Leslie D. Gottlieb, professor emeritus (EVE)
  • John Harada, professor (PLB)
  • Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, distinguished professor and department chair (MMG)
  • Milton Hildebrand, professor emeritus (EVE)
  • Barbara A. Horwitz, distinguished professor (NPB) and former Interim Provost
  • Neil Hunter, professor (MMG)
  • Edward G. Jones, distinguished professor and former director (Center for Neuroscience)
  • Stephen Kowalczykowski, distinguished professor (MMG)
  • Julie Leary, professor (MCB)
  • William J. Lucas, distinguished professor and chair (PLB)
  • Julin N. Maloof, professor (PLB)
  • Peter R. Marler, professor emeritus (Zoology)
  • Richard Michelmore professor (MCB) and director, UC Davis Genome Center
  • Brian C. Mulloney, professor (NPB)
  • Diana Myles, professor (MCB)
  • Richard L. Nuccitelli, professor emeritus (MCB)
  • Timothy G. Prout, professor emeritus (EVE)
  • Raymond L. Rodriguez, professor (MCB)
  • John Roth, distinguished professor (MMG)
  • Carl Schmid, professor emeritus (MCB)
  • Irwin Segel, distinguished professor emeritus (MCB)
  • Arthur M. Shapiro, professor (EVE)
  • Neelima Ray Sinha, professor (PLB)
  • Judy A. Stamps, professor emeritus (EVE)
  • Donald R. Strong, distinguished professor (EVE)
  • The late Paul K. Stumpf, professor emeritus (MCB) 
  • Venkatesan Sundaresan, professor (PLB)
  • Steven Theg, professor (PLB)
  • John S. Werner, professor (NPB)
  • The late Susan Williams, professor (EVE) and former director (Bodega Marine Laboratory)
  • John C. Wingfield, professor (NPB)
  • Martin C. Wilson, professor (NPB)

American Society for Cell Biology Fellows


The ASCB was founded in 1960 as an international forum for cell biologists. Since then, it has grown to 9,000 members and is dedicated to advancing discoveries, improving education worldwide and increasing diversity in the sciences.

  • Jodi Nunnari, distinguished professor (MCB) - 2017
  • Jonathan Scholey, distinguished professor emeritus (MCB) - 2017
  • Mark Winey,  dean and distinguished professor (MCB) - 2019

California Academy of Sciences Fellows

The Fellows of the California Academy of Sciences are a group of distinguished scientists, nominated and appointed in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the natural sciences. They help us extend the positive impact of the Academy in its research, public engagement and education mission, through individual and collaborative efforts with Academy researchers and staff. For more information, .


  • James A. Doyle, professor (EVE)
  • Richard Grosberg, professor (EVE)
  • Peter R. Marler, professor emeritus (Zoology)
  • Arthur M. Shapiro, professor (EVE)
  • Maureen Stanton, professor and chair (EVE)
  • Catherine A. Toft, professor (EVE)
  • Peter C. Wainwright, professor (EVE)
  • Susan L. Williams, professor (EVE)

Ecological Society of America

体彩大乐透-足球直播The Ecological Society of America is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of scientists founded in 1915 to: promote ecological science by improving communication among ecologists; raise the public's level of awareness of the importance of ecological science; increase the resources available for the conduct of ecological science; and ensure the appropriate use of ecological science in environmental decision making by enhancing communication between the ecological community and policy-makers. For more information, .


  • Thomas W. Schoener, distinguished professor of evolution and ecology
  • Donald R. Strong Jr., distinguished professor of evolution and ecology


College of Biological Sciences Faculty Research Award


  • Siobhan Brady and Venkatesan Sundaresan (PLB) –2018-2019
  • Mark Huising (NPB) – 2017-2018
  • Stacey Harmer (PLB) – 2016-2017
  • Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar (PLB) – 2015-2016
  • Luca Comai (PLB) – 2014-2015
  • Graham Coop (EVE) – 2013-2014
  • Neil Hunter (MMG) – 2012-2013
  • Martin Usrey (NPB) – 2011-2012
  • Ian Korf (MCB) – 2011-2012
  • Frederic Chedin (MCB) – 2011-2012
  • Jodi Nunnari (MCB) – 2010-2011
  • Stephen Kowalczykowski (MMG) – 2010-2011
  • Wolf-Dietrich Heyer (MMG) – 2010-2011
  • Charles Gasser (MCB) – 2010-2011

College of Biological Sciences Faculty Teaching Award


  • Julin Maloof (PLB) – 2018-2019
  • JoAnne Engebrecht (MCB) – 2017-2018
  • Luca Comai (PLB) – 2016-2017
  • Michele Igo (MMG) – 2016-2017
  • Gail Patricelli (EVE) – 2015-2016
  • Jeanette Natzle (MCB) – 2014-2015
  • Katie Dehesh (PLB) – 2013-2014
  • Eric Sanford (EVE) – 2012-2013
  • Susan Keen (EVE) – 2011-2012
  • Jay Stachowicz (EVE) – 2010-2011
  • Carol Erickson (MCB) – 2009-2010
  • Peter Wainwright (EVE) – 2008-2009
  • James Shaffrath (NPB) – 2007-2008
  • Mark Wheelis, professor emeritus (MMG) – 2006-2007
  • Charles Gasser (MCB) – 2004-2005
  • Terry Murphy, professor emeritus (PLB) – 2002-2003
  • Bradley Shaffer (EVE) – 2001-2002
  • Richard Grosberg (EVE) – 2000-2001

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship

体彩大乐透-足球直播The Sloan Research Fellowships seek to stimulate fundamental research by early-career scientists and scholars of outstanding promise.  These two-year fellowships are awarded yearly to 126 researchers in recognition of distinguished performance and a unique potential to make substantial contributions to their field. For more information, .


  • Rachael Bay, assistant professor (EVE) – 2019
  • Patrick Shih, assistant professor (PLB) – 2019
  • Jonathan Eisen, professor (EVE) – 2011
  • Graham Coop, assistant professor (EVE) – 2009
  • Hwai-Jong Cheng, associate professor (NPB) and Center for Neuroscience – Neuroscience, 2004
  • A. Kimberley McAllister, associate professor (NPB) and Center for Neuroscience – Neuroscience, 2001
  • Martin Usrey, associate professor (NPB) and Center for Neuroscience – Neuroscience, 2001
  • Gregg Recanzone, professor and chair (NPB) and Center for Neuroscience – Neuroscience, 1996
  • Mitchell Sutter, professor (NPB) and Center for Neuroscience – Neuroscience, 1995
  • Brian Mulloney, professor of biological sciences (NPB) – 1975-1977

Hartwell Foundation Individual Biomedical Research Award

体彩大乐透-足球直播The Primary Mission of The Hartwell Foundation is to grant awards to individuals for innovative and cutting-edge biomedical applied research that will potentially benefit children. The general aim is to provide funds for early stage research projects that have not yet qualified for funding from traditional sources. For more information, .


  • Frederic Chedin, Associate Professor of Molecular and Celluar Biology – 2012
  • Mark Huising, Assistant Professor of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior – 2014

HHMI Early Career Scientist 

Howard Hughes Medical Institute early career scientists are among the nation's most promising researchers, appointed to the Institute at a critical stage of their careers. HHMI is the nation's leading private science philanthropic organization, whose mission is to advance biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity. HHMI empowers exceptional scientists and students to pursue fundamental questions about living systems. For more information, .


  • Neil Hunter - professor (MMG) – 2009

HHMI Investigator

体彩大乐透-足球直播Howard Hughes Medical Institute is the nation's leading private science philanthropic organization, whose mission is to advance biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity. HHMI empowers exceptional scientists and students to pursue fundamental questions about living systems. For more information, .


  • Neil Hunter, professor (MMG) 2013-2018 – Awarded for using yeast and mice to study homologous recombination, an essential chromosome repair process 

HHMI Faculty Scholars


  • Siobhan Brady, associate professor (PLB), 2016-Present - Brady studies gene networks that control root growth. She is working with many species, including Working sorghum, an important global food and bioenergy crop

  • Mark Goldman, professor (NPB) 2014-2019 – Recognized for using computational modeling to bridge the gap between single-neuron measurements and hypothesized network function systems ranging from cellular and network dynamics to sensory coding to memory and plasticity. Goldman is developing an undergraduate program that offers interdisciplinary, early training in experimental design, quantitative data analysis, and computational modeling.


John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellow

Often characterized as "midcareer" awards, Guggenheim Fellowships are intended for men and women who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts. For more information, .


  • Artyom Kopp, assistant professor (EVE) – 2009
  • Thomas W. Schoener, distinguished professor (EVE) – 1992
  • Carl Schmid, professor emeritus (MCB) – 1988
  • Michael Turelli , professor (EVE) – 1986
  • Leslie D. Gottlieb, professor emeritus (EVE) – 1975
  • John Roth, distinguished professor (Microbiology) – 1974
  • Paul Alexander Castelfranco, professor emeritus (Botany) – 1973
  • Jerry Hedrick, professor emeritus (MCB) – 1971
  • Norma J. Lang , professor emeritus (Botany) – 1969
  • John Lyman Ingraham , professor emeritus (MMG) – 1965
  • Grady Webster , professor emeritus (Botany) – 1964
  • Peter R. Marler , professor emeritus (Zoology) – 1964
  • Paul K. Stumpf , professor emeritus (Biochemistry) – 1961, 1968
  • Everett Williams Jameson, Jr , professor emeritus (Zoology) – 1958
  • Melvin Green, professor emeritus (MCB) – 1956, 1968
  • John Tucker , professor emeritus (Botany) – 1955
  • Ledyard Stebbins , professor emeritus – 1953, 1960
  • Daniel I. Axelrod , professor emeritus (Botany) – 1952
  • Robert E. Hungate, professor emeritus (MMG) – 1950

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers recognizes outstanding scientists and engineers who, early in their careers, show exceptional potential for leadership at the frontiers of knowledge. This Presidential award is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on scientists and engineers beginning their independent careers. For more information, .


  • Mariel Vazquez, professor (MMG)  – 2012
  • William DeBello, associate professor (NPB) and Center for Neuroscience – 2004
  • W. Martin Usrey, associate professor (NPB) and Center for Neuroscience – 2001

University of California Presidential Award for Excellence in Fostering Undergraduate Research


  • Barbara A. Horwitz, distinguished professor (Animal Physiology) and Vice Provost Academic Personnel, 1995

UC Davis Academic Senate Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award

This award is presented annually to recognize significant contributions to the world, nation, state and community. Scholarly public service is an organized activity that extends a faculty member’s expertise in teaching, research or professional competence beyond the university campus and into local, state, national, or international public arenas.


  • Susan Williams, professor (EVE) – 2010
  • H. Bradley Shaffer, professor (EVE) – 2006

UC Davis Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award

体彩大乐透-足球直播Each year, the Academic Senate presents Distinguished Teaching Awards to honor its members for Excellence in Teaching.


  • Gail Patricelli, professor (EVE), 2018, undergraduate
  • Eric Sanford, professor (EVE), 2016, undergraduate
  • Susan Keen, professor of teaching (EVE), 2014, undergraduate
  • Sharon Strauss, professor (EVE) – 2013, graduate
  • John "Jay" Stachowicz, associate professor (EVE) - 2012, undergraduate
  • Carol Erickson, professor (MCB) – 2011, graduate
  • Judy Callis, professor (MCB) – 2009, undergraduate
  • Roy Doi, Distinguished Professor emeritus (MCB) – 2008, graduate
  • Peter Wainwright, professor (EVE) – 2008, undergraduate
  • John Harada, professor (PLB) – 2007
  • Charles Gasser, professor (MCB) – 2006, undergraduate
  • Richard Grosberg, distinguished professor (EVE) – 2002
  • Thomas L. Rost, professor emeritus (PLB) – 1997
  • Arnold J. Sillman, professor (NPB) – 1995
  • Arthur M. Shapiro, professor (EVE) – 1990
  • John M. Horowitz, professor emeritus (Animal Physiology) – 1988
  • Michael G. Barbour, professor (Botany) – 1988
  • Ernest M. Gifford, professor emeritus (Botany) – 1986
  • Barbara A. Horwitz, distinguished professor (Animal Physiology) and Vice Provost for Academic Personnel) – 1982
  • Robert D. Grey, professor emeritus (Zoology) and provost and executive vice chancellor – 1978
  • Robert M. Thornton, senior lecturer (Botany) – 1975
  • Milton Hildebrand, professor emeritus (Zoology) – 1974
  • Eric E. Conn, professor emeritus (Biochemistry and Biophysics) – 1974
  • G. Ledyard Stebbins, professor emeritus (Genetics) – 1972

UC Davis Academic Federation Excellence in Teaching Award

This award is given in recognition of the contributions made by Academic Federation faculty members to the teaching mission of the Davis campus.


  • Eric Mann, lecturer (Microbiology) – 2012
  • James Shaffrath, lecturer (NPB) – 2008
  • Erwin Bautista, lecturer (NPB) – 2007
  • Susan Keen, lecturer (EVE) – 2006
  • Deborah Canington, academic coordinator and lecturer (PLB) – 1998
  • Tom Adamson, lecturer (NPB) – 1996

UC Davis Academic Federation James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement Award

体彩大乐透-足球直播The Meyer award recognizes a distinguished career of achievement by an Academic Federation member in meeting the responsibilities associated with the nominee’s job title. A secondary, but important, consideration is service to the campus, the UC community, or state, regional, or national bodies. Service should be voluntary and extend beyond that required by the nominee’s job.


  • Carole Hom, academic coordinator (EVE) – 2005
  • Martina Newell-McGloughlin, director UC Davis Biotechnology Program – 2001

UC Davis Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Each year a UC Davis faculty member is selected for excellence in mentoring undergraduate research. The mentoring award is given to a faculty member who has been conspicuously effective in supporting undergraduate research projects.


  • Neil Hunter, professor (MMG)—2018
  • Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, professor (MMG) – 2011
  • Neelima Sinha, professor (PLB) – 2001
  • Terence M. Murphy, professor (PLB) – 1999
  • R. Scott Hawley, professor (MCB) – 1997
  • Barbara A. Horwitz, distinguished professor (Animal Physiology) and Vice Provost for Academic Personnel – 1995
  • Merna R. Villarejo, professor (MMG) – 1994

UC Davis Chancellor's Fellows

This five-year distinction honors faculty members who are early in their careers and have already compiled outstanding records of achievement.


  • Stacey Combes, associate professor (NPB), 2018-2022
  • Aldrin Gomes, associate professor (NPB) – 2017-2021
  • Siobhan Brady, associate professor (PLB), 2017-2021
  • Karen Zito, associate professor (NPB) – 2015-2020
  • Graham Coop, associate professor (EVE) – 2014-2019
  • Gail Patricelli, associate professor (EVE) – 2013-2018
  • Stacy Harmer, associate professor (PLB) – 2011-2016
  • Artyom Kopp, assistant professor (EVE) – 2010-2015
  • Neil Hunter, associate professor (MIC & MCB) –  2009-2014
  • Henning Stahlberg, associate professor (MCB) – 2008-2013
  • Kimberley McAllister, associate professor (NPB) – 2007-2012
  • John "Jay" Stachowicz, associate professor (EVE) – 2006-2011
  • David Begun, professor (EVE) – 2005-2010
  • Edmond (Ted) Powers, associate professor (MCB) – 2005-2010
  • Sergey Nuzhdin, associate professor (EVE) – 2004-2009
  • John Bowman, associate professor, (PLB) – 2003-08
  • Sharon Strauss, professor (EVE) – 2002-07
  • Jodi Nunnari, professor (MCB) – 2001-06
  • Michael Sanderson, professor (EVE) – 2000-05
  • Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, professor (MMG) – 2000-05

UC Davis Hellman Fellows

体彩大乐透-足球直播The UC Davis Hellman Fellows Program promotes the scholarly growth of faculty members at the Assistant Professor rank who exhibit the potential for great academic distinction, and for whom Hellman funding can significantly stimulate productivity in research and other creative scholarly activities. A major goal of the program is to enhance the progress of faculty participants towards tenure.


  • Sean Collins, assistant professor (MMG)  2016-2018
  • Diasynou Fioravante, assistant professor (NPB)  2016-2018
  • Katherine S. Ralston, assistant professor (MMG), 2016-2018
  • Phillip Zerbe, assistant professor (PLB), 2016
  • Jawdat Al-Bassam, assistant professor (MCB) – 2014-2015
  • Lifeng Xu, assistant professor (MMG) – 2013-2014
  • Kieth Baar, assistant professor (NPB) – 2011-2012
  • Siobhan Brady, assistant professor (PLB) – 2011-2012
  • Arne Ekstrom, assistant professor (Center of Neuroscience) – 2011-2012

UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement

体彩大乐透-足球直播Established in 1986, the prize was created to honor faculty who are both exceptional teachers and scholars. The $45,000 prize is believed to be the largest of its kind in the country and is funded through philanthropic gifts managed by the UC Davis Foundation. The winner is selected based on the nominations of other professors, research peers, representatives from the UC Davis Foundation Board of Trustees, and students.


  • Judy Callis, 体彩大乐透-足球直播professor (MCB) – 2018

  • 体彩大乐透-足球直播Richard Grosberg, distinguished professor (EVE) – 2010

  • Maureen Stanton, professor and former chair (EVE) – 2005
  • Barbara A. Horwitz, distinguished professor (Animal Physiology) and Vice Provost for Academic Personnel – 1991
  • Eric E. Conn, professor emeritus (Biochemistry and Biophysics) – 1989
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