Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute

C. Titus Brown

  • Associate Professor
  • Genome Center
  • Department of Population Health and Reproduction, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute
Research Interests: -omic data analysis, gene expression, and gene regulatory networks.
251 Center for Companion Animal Health

Jonathan A. Eisen

  • Professor
  • Director, UC Davis Microbiome Special Research Program
  • Dept. of Evolution and Ecology
  • Dept. of Medical Microbiology & Immunology
  • Genome Center
  • Center for Population Biology
Research Interests: Diversity of Microbes and Microbiomes | Scientific and Scholarly Communication.   | Current Lab Projects (examples). | Ted Talk "Meet Your Microbes"
GBSF 5311

John J. Stachowicz

  • Department Chair; Professor
  • Department of Evolution and Ecology, College of Biological Sciences
  • Center for Population Biology
  • Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute
Research Interests: Marine Community and Evolutionary Ecology. Research in the lab concerns the ecological causes of patterns of biodiversity, and the consequences of variation in diversity for populations, communities and ecosystems in the sea.
4330 Storer
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