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Life Sciences Building

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Student displays lab samples
A student researcher displays a set of samples. Interdisciplinary graduate groups provide students with access to research opportunities across campus. David Slipher/UC Davis. 

体彩大乐透-足球直播The eight graduate programs in biology-related disciplines at UC Davis are managed by interdisciplinary graduate groups through the College of Biological Sciences. Staff advisors for these programs are housed in the College of Biological Sciences Dean's Office, Life Sciences Building, room 227. 

体彩大乐透-足球直播A staff advisor serves as a resource liaison to Graduate Studies. They can help answer questions about the admissions process, financial aid and many other topics. Staff advisors can connect students with faculty advisors for courseload planning and other academic issues. 

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UC Davis Graduate Studies

Supporting Your Success, From Start to Finish 

体彩大乐透-足球直播UC Davis Graduate Studies supports graduate students with academic advisement from faculty and staff advisors as well as financial support through fellowships, student employment, supplemental tuition programs and more.

Through world-class professional development programs, Graduate Studies provide unparalleled opportunities for student research and career development, formal training and targeted networking event series.

Graduate Student News

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