Graduate Designated Emphases

A close up view of the Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope


体彩大乐透-足球直播This program provides a very effective multidisciplinary biotechnology concentration, which includes exposure to bioethics, business and legal aspects of biotechnology as well as a 3-6 month internship in a biotechnology company or research laboratory in another college or national laboratory.

Reproductive Biology

体彩大乐透-足球直播This program offers research opportunities ranging from molecular to organismal, and from basic research to applied studies in agricultural and health-related sciences. The astonishing breadth and depth of the campuses research programs in this field have created a dynamic research environment that promotes collaborative investigations and provides outstanding opportunities for graduate education.

Stem and Progenitor Cells

体彩大乐透-足球直播This program allows graduate students to fully explore and participate in formal training on the basic biology and potential clinical applications of stem and progenitor cells. Students will leave the program well-versed and educated in all relevant areas such as the basic biology, use for regenerative medicine purposes, ethical, legal and social implications of stem cell research, and related educational experiences.

Translational Research

This program allows Ph.D. students to receive and be credited for training in the area of translational research. This training is a key component of a larger UC Davis strategy to create a multidisciplinary approach to changes how we train our basic scientist students to discover answers to medical challenges. The program provides an innovative model for training a new cadre of Ph.D. biologists for careers in clinically-relevant basic research.

UC Davis Graduate Studies

Supporting Your Success, From Start to Finish 

体彩大乐透-足球直播UC Davis Graduate Studies supports graduate students with academic advisement from faculty and staff advisors as well as financial support through fellowships, student employment, supplemental tuition programs and more.

体彩大乐透-足球直播Through world-class professional development programs, Graduate Studies provide unparalleled opportunities for student research and career development, formal training and targeted networking event series.

Graduate Student News

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